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Two competing requests for the battleships were filed, one by the USS New Jersey Battleship Commission of Bayonne, New Jersey, and one by the Home Port Alliance of Camden, New Jersey. Both teams worked hard to develop a comprehensive plan to operate and maintain the battleship as a museum. After a review of both of the submitted plans, the Navy selected the Home Port Alliance of Camden, New Jersey, as the battleship's final resting place. Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig made the announcement on 20 January 2000<ref>{{Cytuj stronę|url= |tytuł=SECNAV announces the Battleship New Jersey donation |wydawca=Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)|data dostępu=2005-05-26 |data=20 January 2000}}</ref>, and on 15 October of that year ''New Jersey'' arrived at her final resting place on the Camden Waterfront<ref name="awards">{{cytuj stronę | url = | tytuł = OFFICIAL Home of the world's most DECORATED BATTLESHIP | data dostępu = 2005-05-26 | opublikowany = USS New Jersey Veteran's, Inc}}</ref>. Shortly after her arrival ''New Jersey'' was opened to the public, officially beginning her new career as a museum ship with the name [[Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial]]. Self-guided, tour-guided and overnight encampments are offered on the floating museum. Overnight encampments, typically for the benefit of [[Scouting]] organizations, offer the opportunity to sleep and eat in the original berths and mess decks<ref name="showboat"/>.
Quoted from the letter dated July 9, 1997 to the USS New Jersey Battleship Commission from the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Forestry, Historic Preservation Office, "On March 26, 1997, The New Jersey State Review Board for Historic Sites favorably recommended that the Battleship ''U.S.S. New Jersey'' be listed in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places, contingent upon the transfer of the battleship to New Jersey waters from its current location in Washington State. Once the transfer is complete, the Historic Preservation Office will expedite processing of the application for Registration." Signed Dorothy P. Guzzo, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer<ref>[ TogetherWeServed – Connecting US Army Soldiers<!-- Tytuł wygenerowany przez bota -->]</ref>. In 2004, the State of New Jersey officially designated the battleship USS ''New Jersey'' a historical place.</ref><ref>{{cytuj stronę | url = | format = pdf | tytuł = Historic Preservation Bulletin | data dostępu = 2005-05-26 | opublikowany = The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Historic Preservation Office | rok = 2004 | strony = 3}}</ref> This cleared ''New Jersey'' for placement on the [[National Register of Historic Places]], a list to which ''New Jersey'' was officially added in 2004.<ref name="nris">{{NRISrefCytuj stronę |2008a url = | tytuł = National Register of Historic Places | język = en| data dostępu = 2016-08-06}}</ref>.
As of early 2012 there is debate on if the USS ''New Jersey'' should be moved to Liberty State Park.<ref>{{cytuj stronę | imię = Edward | nazwisko = Colimore | praca = The Daily Journal | location = New Jersey | tytuł = A new battle looms for USS New Jersey | url = | data = 12 March 2012 | data dostępu = 13 March 2012}}</ref>