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'''Dong Young-bae''' ([[hangul]]: 동영배; ur. 18 maja 1988),<ref name="Russell2014">{{citecytuj bookksiążkę|authorautor=Mark Russell|titletytuł=K-Pop Now!: The Korean Music Revolution|pagestrony=34|url=|datedata=29 April 2014|publisherwydawca=Tuttle Publishing|isbn=978-1-4629-1411-1}}</ref> lepiej znany pod pseudonimem '''Taeyang''' (태양 po koreańsku znaczy ''słońce'') albo '''Sol''' (pseudonim używany w Japonii), jest południowokoreańskim piosenkarz i autor tekstów. Od 2006 członek [[Big Bang (zespół muzyczny)|Big Bang]], a od 2008 również artysta solowy.
Jego drugi album studyjny ''Rise'' znalazł się na 112. miejscu na US ''Billboard'' 200 Chart, stając się najwyżej notowanym albumem koreańskiego solisty na tym rankingu,<ref name="Billboard_Charts">{{citecytuj webstronę| titletytuł = K-Pop Star Taeyang Hits Billboard 200 | publisheropublikowany = Billboard | datedata = 12 June 2014 |url = | accessdatedata dostępu = 12 June 2014}}</ref><ref name="YG_Life">{{citecytuj webstronę| titletytuł = TAEYANG IS RANKED 112TH ON BILLBOARD 200 CHART… HIGHEST-EVER RECORD FOR KOREAN MALE SINGER | publisheropublikowany = YG LIFE | datedata = 13 June 2014 |url = | accessdatedata dostępu = 13 June 2014}}</ref>podczas gdy jego singiel "Eyes, Nose, Lips" osiągnął pierwsze miejsce na ''Billboard'' K-pop Hot 100 Chart.<ref name="Billboard_Charts" /><ref name="YG_Life" />
===2008—2012: Solo career development and ''Solar''===
After contributing to singer [[Lexy (singer)|Lexy]]'s album, Taeyang was scheduled to release a solo album. Initially scheduled for a September release, the project was pushed back due to conflicting schedules with his group.<ref name="동영배를 들어라, 빅뱅 '태양'"/> Instead, Taeyang released the EP ''[[Hot (Taeyang album)|Hot]]'' in May 2008, backed by a production team that included [[1TYM]]'s [[Teddy Park]], [[Yang Hyun Suk]], Kush, and his fellow member [[G-Dragon]].<ref group="nb">According to the credits on the album's jacket.</ref> Moving beyond the hip-hop genre of Big Bang, Taeyang incorporated mainly R&B songs into his album, stating that it was his "main focus".<ref name="동영배를 들어라, 빅뱅 '태양'"/> He expressed disappointment with the album, however, admitting that he did not write any of the songs. He later stated that he would do so in the future to fully express and incorporate his thoughts and ideas into his music.<ref name="동영배를 들어라, 빅뱅 '태양'"/> The EP produced two singles: "Only Look at Me" (Korean: 나만 바라봐, Revised Romanization: ''Naman Barabwa''), an R&B song written by Teddy and Kush,<ref name="빅뱅 태양, ‘HOT’로 솔로 데뷔 코앞">{{citecytuj webstronę| titletytuł = 빅뱅 태양, 'HOT'로 솔로 데뷔 코앞 | authorautor = | publisheropublikowany = JK News | datedata = 16 May 2008 |url = | accessdatedata dostępu = 31 January 2010|languagejęzyk=ko}}</ref> and "Prayer (Korean: 기도; Revised Romanization: ''Gido'')" which featured Teddy of 1TYM. Promotional videos were shot for both. In support of his album, he also staged his first solo concert, ''Hot''.<ref name="solowork">{{citecytuj webstronę| titletytuł = Big Bang Members Branch Out as Soloists | authorautor = Han, Sang-hee | publisheropublikowany = JK News | datedata = 17 July 2008 |url = | accessdatedata dostępu = 7 December 2009}}</ref> Taeyang later received two awards from the 7th Korean Music Awards: Best R&B/Soul Song for "Only Look At Me" and Best R&B/Soul Album.<ref name="Double prize">{{citecytuj webstronę| titletytuł = Taeyang of Big Bang Wins Double Prizes from the Korean Music Awards | authorautor = Oh, Mi | publisheropublikowany = CBS | datedata = 12 March 2009 |url = | accessdatedata dostępu = 21 August 2010|languagejęzyk=ko}}</ref>
Throughout the majority of 2009, Taeyang contributed to his group's activities, recording the song "[[Lollipop (Big Bang and 2NE1 song)|Lollipop]]" with his [[Big Bang (Korean band)|group]] and labelmate [[2NE1]]. He later flew to Japan to promote the group's Japanese albums. After Big Bang's activities ended, he went back to the studio to prepare to record new materials. Two digital singles were released: "Where U At" and "Wedding Dress."<ref name="whereuatmv">{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=Big Bang members to continue solo career|datedata=30 March 2010|publisheropublikowany=The Korea Herald|authorautor=Ryu, Seung-yoon|accessdatedata dostępu=7 December 2009}}</ref> Promotional videos were filmed for both. The latter single was voted number three on an online poll for a Dutch radio station.<ref name="Dutch">{{citecytuj webstronę| titletytuł = Tae-yang Climbs in the Dutch Music Chart | authorautor = | publisheropublikowany = KBS World | datedata = 2 December 2009 |url = | accessdatedata dostępu = 26 December 2009}}</ref>
Taeyang's first full-length album ''[[Solar (Taeyang album)|Solar]]'' was released in July 2010 in two versions: a "Regular Edition" and a "Deluxe Edition." The regular edition contained eleven songs, while the deluxe edition, limited to only 30,000 copies, had 13 songs, including "Only Look at Me" and "Prayer" from ''Hot''. The "Deluxe Edition" sold out on the first day.<ref name="Taeyang's Solo Album Sold Out Instantaneously">{{citecytuj webstronę| titletytuł = Taeyang's Solo Album Sold Out Instantaneously | authorautor = | publisheropublikowany = KBS World | datedata = 2 July 2010 |url = | accessdatedata dostępu = 10 July 2010}}</ref> Two singles were released for promotions: "I Need A Girl" and "I'll Be There." Taeyang won the "Best Male Artist" award at the 2010 [[Mnet Asian Music Awards]] at the end of the year.<ref name="winners">{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=2NE1 wins MAMA Artist, Album of the Year|datedata=November 29, 2010|publisheropublikowany=Manila Bulletin Publishing|authorautor=Hicap, Jonathan M.|workpraca=[[Manila Bulletin]]|accessdatedata dostępu=February 12, 2011}}</ref><ref name="nominees">{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=Controversial Mnet Asian Music Awards bares nominees|datedata=October 29, 2010|publisheropublikowany=Manila Bulletin Publishing|authorautor=Hicap, Jonathan M.|workpraca=Manila Bulletin|accessdatedata dostępu=February 12, 2011}}</ref><ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=MAMA "보아-女가수상, 씨엔블루-男신인상 등 추후 전달"|datedata=November 29, 2010||languagejęzyk=Korean|accessdatedata dostępu=29 January 2015|archiveurl=|archivedate=13 November 2013 }}</ref>
===2013—present: ''Rise'' and first world tour===
[[File:Taeyang 2012.jpg|thumbnail|right|Taeyang performing on Alive World Tour in September 2012]]
Taeyang took two years to record new materials and participate in promotional activities with Big Bang for their Korean EPs [[Tonight (Big Bang EP)|''Tonight'']] (2011) and [[Alive (EP)|''Alive'']] (2012) as well as the Japanese studio album [[Alive (Big Bang album)|''Alive'']] (2012). When activities wrapped up, he turned his focus back to preparing for his second studio album. The single "Ringa Linga" was released in November 2013, preceding his second album ''Rise'' (June 2014).<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=[Album Review] Taeyang - 'Rise'|website=allkpop|accessdatedata dostępu=6 June 2014}}</ref> While he utilized the help of [[Teddy Park]], [[G-Dragon]], and [[Choice37]], Taeyang also involved himself heavily with the production of the album, producing six tracks.<ref name=":0" /> ''Rise'' became the third highest charting K-pop album, and also the highest charting K-pop album by a solo artist on the [[Billboard charts]], reaching 112 on the Billboard Hot 200 while topping the Billboard World Albums Chart and Heatseekers Albums Chart, selling 3,000 copies.<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł= K-Pop Star Taeyang Hits Billboard 200|accessdatedata dostępu=12 June 2014|workpraca=Billboard}}</ref> In Japan, the album ranked at number two, with 48,000 units sold.<ref>{{CiteCytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=Big Bang Taeyang's Solo Album Ranks Second On Japan Oricon Chart|datedata=2014-08-19|website=KpopStarz|access-date=2016-05-11}}</ref> Taeyang promoted the album with three singles: "Ringa Linga," "Eyes, Nose, Lips," and "1AM." The first two singles became chart toppers on the Gaon chart while the latter peaked at number seven. The choreography for "Ringa Linga" also spawned numerous covers on the video-sharing website [[YouTube]].<ref>{{CiteCytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=6 Fun Facts About Taeyang From BigBand - Music Weekly Asia|datedata=2014-01-28|website=Music Weekly Asia|languagejęzyk=en-US|access-date=2016-05-11}}</ref> He also embarked on the [[List of Big Bang solo concert tours#Taeyang Rise Tour|Rise World Tour]], visiting 9 countries and 16 cities. At the [[2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards]], Taeyang won the Best Male Artist, with his song "Eyes, Nose, Lip" winning Song of the Year and Best Vocal Performance - Male.<ref name="Winners">{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014 Winners|workpraca=Mnet Asian Music Awards|accessdatedata dostępu=28 January 2014}}</ref><ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=John Legend wins Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong||accessdatedata dostępu=29 January 2015}}</ref>
Taeyang later collaborated with G-Dragon to release the song "[[Good Boy (song)|Good Boy]]" for YG Entertainment's new hip hop projects.<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=YG HIPHOP PROJECT 1 "G-DRAGON"|datedata=17 November 2014||workpraca=YG LIFE|accessdatedata dostępu=31 January 2015}}</ref><ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=YG HIPHOP PROJECT 1 "GD X TAEYANG|datedata=18 November 2014||workpraca=YG LIFE|accessdatedata dostępu=31 January 2015}}</ref> Photo and video teasers were later released.<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=GD X TAEYANG - "GOOD BOY" TEASER SPOT|datedata=20 November 2014||workpraca=YG LIFE|accessdatedata dostępu=31 January 2015}}</ref> The song received positive reviews,<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=41 Best Songs of 2014|lastnazwisko=Fuse Staff|firstimię=|datedata=8 December 2014|publisheropublikowany=[[Fuse (TV channel)|]]|accessdatedata dostępu=31 January 2015}}</ref> reaching the number one position on ''Billboard''<nowiki>'</nowiki>s World Digital Songs chart.<ref name="billboard">{{citecytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=G-Dragon & Taeyang's 'Good Boy' Debuts at No. 1 on World Digital Songs|lastnazwisko=Benjamin|firstimię=Jeff|datedata=1 December 2014|workpraca=[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]|accessdatedata dostępu=31 January 2015}}</ref> The music video on YouTube currently boasts over 100 million views.<ref name=":8">{{CiteCytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=G-Dragon, Taeyang's 'Good Boy' hits 100 million YouTube views|datedata=2016-04-14|website=koreatimes|access-date=2016-05-04}}</ref>
In 2015, Taeyang participated in the ''Infinite Challenge'' music contest, also with G-Dragon. The duet teamed up with [[ZE:A]]'s Hwang Kwanghee.<ref>{{CiteCytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł='Infinity Challenge Music Festival' features performances by Taeyang, G-Dragon, IU, Zion.T and more! {{!}}||access-date=2016-05-11}}</ref> He also appeared in the reality series contest ''Show Me The Money'' as a feature in [[Winner (band)|Winner]]'s Song Minho's song "Fear," composed by [[Zico (rapper)|Zico]] during the semi final round.<ref>{{CiteCytuj webstronę|url=|titletytuł=Mino and Taeyang face off with Black Nut and Jessi in 'SMTM 4' semifinals {{!}}||access-date=2016-05-11}}</ref>
==Personal life==
Taeyang is a devoted Christian with multiple faith-inspired tattoos, including a large [[Christian Cross]] on his right rib cage and a mural-style tattoo across his shoulder blades depicting Jesus Christ on the cross, a centrally placed Christian Cross, and Jesus risen from the dead.<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę |titletytuł=11 Sexy Male Idols with Sexier Tattoos |publisheropublikowany=All Kpop |url= |datedata=11 August 2014 |accessdatedata dostępu=8 March 2015}}</ref> He has been in a relationship with actress [[Min Hyo-rin]] since 2013.<ref>{{CiteCytuj webstronę | titletytuł = Idol singer Taeyang dating actress Min Hyo-rin | workpraca = [[The Korea Times]] | datedata = 3 June 2015 | accessdatedata dostępu = 24 April 2016 | url = }}</ref><ref>{{CiteCytuj webstronę | titletytuł = YG Confirms Big Bang Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin′s Relationship | authorautor = Kim, JiYeon | workpraca = enewsWorld | datedata = 2 June 2015 | accessdatedata dostępu = 24 April 2016 | url = | publisheropublikowany = [[CJ E&M]] }}</ref><ref>{{CiteCytuj webstronę | titletytuł = Big Bang member Taeyang Opens Up About His Relationship with Min Hyo-rin; how has he changed after dating her? | authorautor = Pawar, Rushali | workpraca = IB Times | datedata = 4 September 2016 | accessdatedata dostępu = 6 December 2016 | url = | publisheropublikowany = IB Times }}</ref>
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