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;Opis zlecenia: Update http:// links to https:// links, to make links more secure, as most sites default to HTTPS anyway, an HTTP link it would go HTTPS→HTTP→HTTPS (from Wikipedia, to, to instead of HTTPS->HTTPS (from Wikipedia, to which is more efficient and takes less time to load. Also, by using HTTPS there will be no referral information left in the HTTP header, which is better for privacy and security. [[Wikipedysta:Jon Kolbert|Jon Kolbert]] ([[Dyskusja wikipedysty:Jon Kolbert|dyskusja]]) 15:25, 12 sie 2017 (CEST)
;Chętni operatorzy botów: Operator: [[Wikipedysta:Jon Kolbert|Jon Kolbert]], bot account [[Wikipedysta:KolbertBot|KolbertBot]]