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'''XylindeinKsylindeina''' - [[związki organiczne|organiczny]] [[związek chemiczny]], is a [[quinone]] [[pigment]], a dimeric [[naphthoquinone]] derivative. It is produced by fungi from genus ''[[Chlorociboria]]''. This pigment causes green staining of wood infected by the fungi.
==Etymology Etymologia ==
This pigment was firstly extracted in 1868 by [[Paul Thénard]] from wood and resembled indigo, so he called it ''xylindéine''. Combination of ''[[wikt:xylo-|xyl-]]'' (wood) and ''[[wikt:Inde|indé]]'' ([[indigo]]) + ''[[wikt:-ine|-ine]]''.<ref>[ Xylindein at Merriam-Webster dictionary]</ref><ref>{{cite journal|last=Thenard|first=Paul|author2=Alphonse Rommier |title=Sur un nouvelle matière colorante appelée xylindeine et extraite de certains bois morts|journal=[[Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences|Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l'Académie des Sciences]]|year=1868|volume=66|pages=108–109|place=Paris|issn=0001-4036|language=french|url=}}</ref>
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