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'''Piperic acid''' is a chemical often obtained by the [[base (chemistry)|base]]-[[hydrolysis]] of the [[alkaloid]] [[piperine]]<ref>{{citecytuj bookksiążkę | url = | pagestrony = 327 | isbn = 978-0-470-74167-2 | authorautor = Paul M. Dewick. | yearrok = 2009 | publisherwydawca = A John Wiley & Sons | locationmiejsce = Chichester | titletytuł = Medicinal natural products : a biosynthetic approach }}</ref> from [[black pepper]],<ref></ref> followed by [[acid]]ification of the corresponding [[salt]].<ref></ref> Piperic acid is an intermediate in the synthesis of other compounds such as [[piperonal]], and as-such may be used to produce [[fragrances]], [[perfumes]] flavorants and [[drugs]] as well as other useful compounds.
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