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(→‎Traditional boats—Americas: spolszczenie szablonów cytowania)
[[File:Skiff.jpg|right|thumb|Classic flat-bottom skiff in [[Maine]].]]
In American usage, the term is used to apply to small sea-going fishing boats. It is referred to historically in literature in ''[[Moby-Dick]]'' by [[Herman Melville]]<ref>Melville, H., ''[[Moby-Dick]]''; or, ''The Whale''. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1851. xxiii, 635 pages. Published probably on November 14, 1851.</ref> and ''[[The Old Man and the Sea]]'' by [[Ernest Hemingway]].<ref name="oldman">{{citecytuj bookksiążkę
| lastnazwisko = Hemingway | firstimię = Ernest
| yearrok = 1952
| titletytuł = [[The Old Man and the Sea]]
| locationmiejsce = New York
| publisherwydawca = Charles Scribner's Sons
}} Hardcover: {{ISBN|0-684-83049-3}}, paperback: {{ISBN|0-684-80122-1}}</ref> The skiff could be powered by [[sail]]s as well as [[oar]]s.
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