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|mass = 1.25<ref name="na10">{{citeCytuj journalpismo
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|titletytuł=Solar-like oscillations in the F9 V &beta; Virginis
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|issuewydanie=4 |pagesstrony=315–323
|accessdatedata dostępu=2007-06-05
|radius = 1.66<ref name="na10"/>
'''Beta Virginis''' (β Vir / β Virginis) is a [[star]] in the [[constellation]] [[Virgo (constellation)|Virgo]]. It has the traditional names '''Zavijava''' (also '''Zavijah''') and '''Alaraph'''<ref>Atlas of the Heavens, part II, catalogue, Antonín Bečvář</ref>. Despite being the ''beta'' star of the constellation Virgo it is only the fifth star in order of brightness.
Physically, Beta Virginis is larger and more massive than the Sun, and is comparatively metal-rich. That is, it has a higher preponderance of elements heavier than helium.<ref name="aaa65">{{citeCytuj journalpismo
|author=Gehren, T.
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Since it is close to the [[ecliptic]], it can be [[Occultation|occulted]] by the [[Moon]] and (very rarely) by [[planet]]s. The next planetary [[occultation]] of Zavijava will take place on 11 August 2069 by [[Venus]].
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* {{citeCytuj webstronę |lastnazwisko=Kaler |firstimię=Jim |yearrok=2007 |url= |titletytuł=Zavijava |publisheropublikowany=Stars: Portraits of Stars and their Constellations |accessdatedata dostępu=2007-06-06}}
* {{citeCytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=Zavijah |publisheropublikowany=Alcyone |accessdatedata dostępu=2007-06-06}}
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