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== Tło fabularne ==
Początkowo fabuła anime Tekkaman Blade skupia się na inwazji Radam na Ziemię i opisie beznadziejności sytuacji ludzkości, która mimo wielkich osiągnięć i zjednoczenia nie oparła się potędze obcych. Zepchnięci i rozproszeni ludzie starają się wszystkimi możliwymi krokami poznać wroga oraz przede wszystkim znaleźć skuteczną metodą na walkę z nim. Pojawienie się D-Boy'a początkowo wydaje się być darem z niebios. Niestety wraz z rozwojem wydarzeń na jaw wychodzą dramatyczne wątki. Jego potęga i skuteczność zostały odkupione wielkim cierpieniem. Toteż w późniejszym czasie prym wiodą wspomnienia i etyczne rozterki w głowie głównego bohatera. Z jednej strony stał się mimowolnie jedyną nadzieją Ziemi, a z drugiej strony przyszło mi stawić czoła w boju na śmierć i życie z własną rodziną i przyjaciółmi. Takaya za namową swoje ojca pragnie zapomnieć o tym kim był, jednakże okazuje się że nie może wymazać przeszłości. Radam skutecznie wykorzystali negatywne emocje stłamszone i trzymane na wodzy przez jego współbraci. D-Boy jest zmuszony zaufać i polegać na nieznanych mu osobach, z którymi z odcinku na odcinek buduje nową relację. Na samym końcu gotowi są nawet oddać za niego życie. W tym samym momencie aspekt psychologiczny praktycznie schodzi do podziemi, a motyw przeżycia ludzkości powraca i rozpala się nowym blaskiem.
During United Earth Year 192, the [[Earth]] is under attack from an extraterrestrial enemy known as the Radam; parasites that take other creatures as hosts. The Radam forces comprise of grotesque bug-like monsters that are led by armored soldiers known as the Tekkamen. Surrounding the Earth is an enormous man-made ring-shaped structure known as the Orbital Ring System. The Orbital Ring was a space station that once served as a launch point into space and was constructed well before the arrival of the alien invaders. It was thus the first human structure attacked and occupied by Radam, with its human inhabitants having either fled or been killed. Now it serves merely as a battle ground for the military against the aliens.
Fighting against the Radam and their Tekkamen are the Space Knights. Led by Commander Heinrich von Freeman, the Space Knights are a special defense force and Earth's last hope for defeating the Radam. The Space Knights consist of Noal, the pilot of the Space Knights' ship "Blue Earth"; Aki, the Blue Earth navigator; Milly, the communications operator; Levin, computer mechanic; and Honda, mechanic and repairs. The Space Knights have been unsuccessful at repelling the aliens until the arrival of D-Boy, a young man who has the ability to transform into an armored warrior known as Tekkaman Blade.
Commanding the Radam is Tekkaman Omega, a Tekkaman general who leads the alien invasion of Earth. Omega's base is located on the dark side of the Moon, where he waits for the moment to gain enough strength to raise his spacecraft from the Moon's surface, along with his Tekkamen soldiers, preparing for their conquest of the Earth and the universe.
Also commanding the Radam armies are other Tekkamen. Once ordinary humans, the Tekkamen were captured and transformed by the Radam to assist in the takeover of Earth. They are endowed with impenetrable armor, super-human strength, and quantum energy weapons. The Tekkamen transform using power drawn from their crystals that are unique to each holder. Blade is one of a handful of Tekkamen. Unlike the others, he fights to defend Earth and for the most part, is free of the brainwashing which the Radam have imposed over their captives to make them subservient.
Before the arrival of the Radam there was a deep space exploration ship called the Argos. It was the Argos that first encountered the Radam probe ship. Aboard the Argos were Blade's family, the Aibas, and their ship crew. While exploring the outer rings of [[Saturn]], the Argos' radar picks up an unusual gravitational disturbance. Going to investigate, the crew discover the disturbance to be an alien ship, and as they get closer, they are drawn in by a tractor beam. Excited at the prospect of encountering alien life, the crew board the vessel and discover the Radam.
Radam "Tek System" plants rain down upon the crew, beginning the process of turning them into Tekkamen. All of the crew aboard the ship were put into Tek System pods, though only the most ideal humans could become Tekkamen. While this occurred, the Argos was slowly being assimilated into the Radam spacecraft. Over time, Takaya Aiba's father was rejected by the process and uses what little time he had left to free one member of his family; Blade, who was the only one still not brainwashed by the Radam. It is through the crew of the Argos that the Radam discovers the planet Earth and plan their invasion. On his last legs, Blade's father helps him into the escape pod and before activating the Argos' self-destruct sequence, he casts Blade off into space telling him that the fate of the Earth rests in his hands. Upon the explosion, the Radam spacecraft crash lands on the dark side of the Moon.
Takaya Aiba travels back to Earth for six [[month]]s, in the confines of his tiny pod, alone with his thoughts. By the time he arrives, the Earth is already under heavy attack from the Radam. Fueled by his hatred for the Radam, Takaya bursts free from his pod and begins to attack them. The attack draws the attention of a Tekkaman called Dagger. The two fight and Blade is sent hurtling towards Earth, however, his armor protects him and he crash lands on Earth without sustaining serious injury. His arrival attracts the attention of two Space Knights, Noal Vereuse and Aki Kisaragi who discover a naked and bleeding Takaya walking out of a crater, and take him back to their headquarters.
In the beginning, Takaya is mysterious and hostile towards the otherwise helpful Space Knights. However, Takaya has no memory of anything before the battle on the orbital ring with Tekkaman Dagger and as time progresses, he begins to respect and admire the Space Knights for their dedication in even the toughest of situations and eventually develops a relationship with Aki.
The Space Knights, with the help of Takaya who is given the nickname of Dangerous-Boy ("D-Boy") by Noal because of his dangerous ideology, slowly begin to repel the Radam troops until, during a battle with Tekkaman Dagger, Blade's crystal is shattered, rendering him unable to transform again into Tekkaman Blade. Takaya gives up hope, however Levin then develops a battle robot who later takes the name Pegas. Pegas contains the shards of Blade's crystal and amplifies its power, allowing Blade to transform once more. Pegas and Blade develop a close friendship, despite Pegas being a robot. In his first transformation using Pegas, Blade challenges Dagger and easily overpowers him, destroying him with a blast from his Voltekka shoulder cannons.
Eventually more Tekkamen arrive on Earth to challenge Blade, led by Tekkaman Evil, Blade's twin brother; Tekkaman Lance, Tekkaman Axe, and Tekkaman Sword, are all keen to destroy him. Blade's sister, Miyuki, also arrives on Earth. However, like Blade, she is not under the control of the Radam. After pulling herself free from Omega's base, she arrives very ill and is given a blood transfusion from Takaya and Aki. Evil, Lance, Axe and Sword attack the Space Knights' base, attempting to kill Miyuki. Although outnumbered, Miyuki strikes back and fights them, eventually self-destructing in the form of her own Voltekka in a vain attempt to destroy the other Tekkamen. Blade, now left without a family, is strengthened by these events and resolves to destroy the Radam. He manages to kill Lance and Axe and later gains the power to take on the Blaster transformation mode, but at the expense of having worse effects on his brain and body. Evil is given the same ability to serve as the final line of Omega's defense, while Sword is killed by Balzac as they both burn up in the Earth's atmosphere, preventing the Blue Earth from reaching the Moon.
Towards the end of the war, Blade and Evil meet for one last time to fight. They battle and eventually Blade kills Evil. As he dies, Evil is freed from the Radam parasite's control and hands Blade his crystal, instructing him that he will need its power to reach Omega's base on the Moon. Evil also tells Blade that despite all the events that have led to his death, he is glad to have fought his own brother on equal ground for the first time, and that he is glad that he became Tekkaman Evil.
Blade takes off on Pegas while falling further and further into the depths of his rage. He finally arrives on the Moon and confronts Omega, who reveals the entire Radam plan and that he is Kengo, Blade's eldest brother. Omega has begun to resurrect the alien mothership, to descend upon Earth. Blade attacks Omega, who proves too powerful and easily defeats Blade. Omega is about to kill Blade when Pegas sacrifices itself for Blade, stepping in front of the killing blow. Pegas' last words are a farewell to Blade.
The destruction of Pegas sends Blade over the edge and he erupts, transforming him into Blaster Tekkaman mode for the last time. Before striking the final blow of the war, Blade says to his brother, "Come on, let's go home now." Omega's spaceship explodes; as parts of the spacecraft fall to Earth, so too does Blade, stripped of his armor and crash-landing. The series ends with Blade and Aki watching the sunset and Noal recalling what a miracle it was that himself and Blade had survived the war. However, prices were paid, as Blade is paralyzed and wheelchair-bound, can barely speak, and is almost completely amnesiac.
== Kalendarium ==