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*::Yes, at this page http://fpc.ru/static/public/ru?STRUCTURE_ID=7 (About company) present news that November 20, 2014 company was renamed. And this is its new Article of association (Устав in russian): http://fpc.ru/dbmm/download?vp=79&load=y&col_id=121&id=1303 12:22, 5 gru 2014 (CET)
Therud, as advanced user of Poland wiki, please note that according to new Part 4 of [[Kodeks cywilny Federacji Rosyjskiej|Civil Code of Russian Federation]] all stock companies should be reorganized as PAO and AO (now are OAO and ZAO). This changes will apply during this and next years. PAO (''ПАО, Публичное акционерное общество'') is public joint stock company, AO (''АО, Акционерное общество'') is nonpublic joint stock company. [[Wikipedysta:NoGo|NoGo]] ([[Dyskusja wikipedysty:NoGo|dyskusja]]) 12:33, 5 gru 2014 (CET)
: Thanks for comprehensive information. [[Wikipedysta:Therud|Therud]] ([[Dyskusja wikipedysty:Therud|dyskusja]]) 12:35, 5 gru 2014 (CET)
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