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==Nowa Południowa Walia==
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[[File:Bird Island NSW Aerial view 14-1-1996.jpg|thumb|[[Bird Island]], 1996]]
[[File:CockatooIslandPanorama.jpg|thumb|[[Cockatoo Island]], największa wyspa w [[Zatoka Sydney|Zatoce Sydney]], 2008]]
==Terytorium Północne==
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* [[Wyspa Bathursta (Australia)|Wyspa Bathursta]]
* [[Bickerton Island]]
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[[File:Fraser Island freshwaterlake.jpg|thumb|[[Wielka Wyspa Piaszczysta]], 2006]]
[[File:GreatKeppelIsland beach.jpg|GreatKeppelIsland beach|thumb|[[Great Keppel Island]], 2007]]
==Australia Południowa==
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[[File:AUS Kangaroo-Island Remarkable-Rocks.JPG|thumb|[[Remarkable Rocks]] on [[Kangaroo Island]], 2007]]
[[File:Greenly Island - State Library of South Australia PRG-280-1-1-120.jpeg|thumb| Greenly Island; a distant view taken from the sea (circa 1903) (State Library of South Australia PRG 280/1/1/120)]]
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[[File:MacquarieIslandBeach.JPG|thumb|[[Macquarie Island]]]]
[[File:Currie Harbour-King Island-Australia.jpg|thumb|[[Currie, Tasmania|Currie]] harbour on [[King Island (Tasmania)|King Island]], 2007]]
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[[Tasmania]] is a large island state off the south-east coast of mainland Australia. The main island of Tasmania (which includes 94% of the state's land area) does not have a defined name but can be referred to as the "Tasmanian mainland". There are 334 islands (or [[islet]]s) within the state of Tasmania;<ref name="brothers et al">{{Cite book |author1=Brothers, Nigel |author2=Pemberton, David |author3=Pryor, Helen |author4=Lucieer, Vanessa |title=Tasmania's offshore islands: seabirds and other natural features |publication-date=2001 |publisher=Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery |isbn=978-0-7246-4816-0 |location=Hobart |work=Tasmania's Offshore Islands by Region |page=44 }}</ref> with the main islands listed below, each having a land area greater than {{convert|100|ha}}. A full list of all 334 islands is located at the [[list of islands of Tasmania]].
** [[Waterhouse Island (Tasmania)|Waterhouse Island]]
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[[File:Westcoast Phillip Island Victoria.JPG|thumb|[[Phillip Island (Victoria)|Phillip Island]], 2003]]
* [[Pental Island, Victoria|Pental Island]]
==Western Australia Zachodnia==
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[[File:Basin, Rottnest, Western Australia.jpg|thumb|[[Rottnest Island]], 2003]]
[[File:Recherchearchipelago1.jpg|thumb|View of the Recherche Archipelago from Dempster Head]]
[[File:Middle Island 1 Recherche Archipelago NR IV-2011.JPG|thumb|Middle Island, Recherche Archipelago 2011]]
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Over 1,000 islands have been gazetted &ndash; only the island groups and major islands are listed.
* [[Ashmore Reef]]
* [[Wedge Island (Western Australia)|Wedge Island]]
==Australian territories==
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===Jervis Bay Territory===