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== [[Walter Ciszek]] ==
Sorry, for my very poor Polish. I would very grateful, if you could check my additions to the article. Information is here: "Far in the bitter Russian north, word of the death of Joseph Stalin spread—even among the political prisoners and criminals who toiled ceaselessly, doomed and forgotten, in the mines and forests of Siberia. The news was a spark of hope that lit the fuse of rebellion. The camps erupted in violence as prisoners’ pent up frustrations with hard labor, hunger, and indignity were loosed. They never had a chance. By the butt of the rifle and the muzzle of the machine gun, Soviet soldiers put the uprising down. Among the prisoners of Camp 5, sprawled in the dirt and desperately trying to avoid the gunfire, was a Catholic priest from Pennsylvania. How he came there—and how he came back—is a study in, as the priest himself put it later, “the strange and mysterious ways of divine providence.”" [https://www.crisismagazine.com/2014/priest-gulag-walter-ciszek-sj] [[Wikipedysta:Hunu|Hunu]] ([[Dyskusja wikipedysty:Hunu|dyskusja]]) 16:06, 25 cze 2019 (CEST)