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Początkowo siedzibą Kolegium był budynek położony na [[Edynburg#Dzielnice miasta#Old Town|Starym Mieście]] Edynburga{{r|RCPE7}}. Kamień węgielny pod nowy budynek i bibliotekę na [[Edynburg#Dzielnice miasta#Old Town|Nowym Mieście]] położył [[William Cullen]] 27 listopada 1775 roku{{r|RCPE8}}. Budowa trwała aż do roku 1830 i okazała się bardzo kosztowna{{r|RCPE4}}. Jeszcze przed zasiedleniem budynek został więc sprzedany a następnie zburzony w 1841 roku{{r|RCPE3}}. Kolegium nie posiadało własnego budynku w okresie 1843 a 1846 i zmuszone było wynajmować pomieszczenia zastępcze.{{r|RCPE4}}.
<ref name="DSA George Street Hall">{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=Basic Site Details: Physicians' Hall |publisheropublikowany=Dictionary of Scottish Architects | |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>
<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=Edinburgh, 14 George Street, Physicians' Hall |publisheropublikowany=Canmore |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>.
[[Plik:RCPE Great Hall.jpg|thumb|Wielka Sala w siedzibie Kolegium]]
Kamień węgielny został położony 8 sierpnia 1844 roku{{r|RCPE4}}. The new Queen Street Hall was designed by [[Thomas Hamilton (architect)|Thomas Hamilton]]<ref name="DSA Physicians’ Hall">{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=Basic Site Details: Royal College of Physicians |publisheropublikowany=Dictionary of Scottish Architects | |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>. The Queen Street Hall was completed in 1846.<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=Edinburgh, 9-10 Queen Street, Royal College Of Physicians |publisheropublikowany=Canmore |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>
An adjacent building, Number 8 Queen Street was designed by [[Robert Adam]] as a house for [[Robert Ord]] and built between 1770 and 1771, one of the earliest New Town constructions<ref name="Simpson & Brown">{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=Leisure & commercial: Royal College of Physicians | |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>. In 1868 it was purchased by the College, who then leased it to other organisations until 1957.<ref name="Simpson & Brown" /> A restoration project began in 1990 and lasted seven years<ref name="8 QS restoration">{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=Project Sheet: The Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh | |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>.
Numbers 11 and 12 were built around 1780.<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=11-13 (inclusive nos) Queen Street with front walls and railings LB29536 |publisheropublikowany=[[Historic Environment Scotland]] |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref> They were purchased by the college in the 20th century. The space behind 11 was used for the Conference Centre and 12 contains flexible meeting rooms and office space.
In 1984 the college put [[Richard Dadd]]'s painting of [[Alexander Morison]] up for sale, to raise money to treat dry rot.<ref>{{citecytuj newsstronę |url= |titletytuł=Scotland’s heritage goes up for sale again |firstimię=Clare |lastnazwisko=Hendry |workpraca=[[The Glasgow Herald]] |datedata=30 July 1984 |pagestrony=4 |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>
=== Biblioteka Sibbalda ===
[[Plik:Sibbald Library.JPG|thumb|Nowa Biblioteka w siedzibie Kolegium]]
In 1682, [[Robert Sibbald]] donated around one hundred books to the college<ref name="HSS">{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=A Visit to the Royal College of Physicians |publisheropublikowany=[[University of Edinburgh]] | |datedata=25 November 2015 |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>. At the end of the 18th century the library was located at the Royal Infirmary<ref name="Kaufman" />.{{rp|50}} The college’s library in Queen Street bears Sibbald’s name in commemoration<ref name="HSS"/><ref name="LHSA">{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=A visit to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Library |publisheropublikowany=Lothian Health Services Archive |datedata=30 September 2011 |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>. The library also has artefacts, such as a medicine chest that belonged to [[Stuart Threipland]], physician to [[Charles Edward Stuart|Bonnie Prince Charlie]]<ref>{{citecytuj journalpismo |url= |titletytuł=Treasure chest of medicine past |firstimię=Zosia |lastnazwisko=Kmietowicz |work=The BMJ |volumewolumin=337 |pagestrony=1072 |datedata=5 November 2008 |doi=10.1136/bmj.a2415}}</ref>. In the 1960s, the information held by the library was modern<ref>{{citecytuj newsstronę |url= |titletytuł=Obituary: Joan Primrose Scott Ferguson MBE, librarian |firstimię=Iain |lastnazwisko=Milne |workpraca=The Scotsman |datedata=12 October 2013 |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>. From the sixties onward, medical information became more available and college's library became more known for its historical works<ref name="HSS"/>.
In 2015, a project with the [[University of Glasgow]] digitised a collection of 5,000 letters of William Cullen from the mid-1750s to 1790, making them available online<ref>{{citecytuj newsstronę |url= |titletytuł=Letters sent to legendary Scots doctor go online |firstimię=Tim |lastnazwisko=Bugler |workpraca= The Scotsman |datedata=11 May 2015 |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>.
{{As of|2016}}, the college has catalogued more than 30,000 records that are in its archives<ref>{{citecytuj newsstronę |url= |titletytuł=Weird and wonderful Scottish treatments of the past revealed |firstimię=Lizzy |lastnazwisko=Buchan |workpraca=The Scotsman |datedata=13 February 2016 |accessdatedata dostępu=5 December 2016}}</ref>.
== Laboratorium badawcze==
In 1888 the College took the decision to establish its own research laboratory and initially rented a house in Lauriston Lane, near the Royal Infirmary<ref name="BMJ Nov 1896">{{citecytuj journalpismo |url= |titletytuł=The New Research Laboratory of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh |journalczasopismo=British Medical Journal |datedata=14 November 1896 |volumewolumin=2 |issuewydanie=1872 |pagesstrony=1455–1457 |doi=10.1136/bmj.2.1872.1455 |pmc=2510996 |pmid=20756591}}</ref>. A three-storey building on Forest Road was acquired and in 1896 was formally opened as the college’s new laboratory. It had areas equipped and fitted for a range of disciplines: Bacteriological, Chemical, and Histological and Experimental<ref name="BMJ Nov 1896"/>. With the creation of the NHS, the laboratory could not depend upon income from their reporting service and it closed in 1950.<ref name="BMJ 1981"/>{{rp|654}}
== Publikacje ==
[[Plik:Historical Sketch and Laws of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 1681-1891 x1350.png|thumb|Wygląd siedziby Kolegium w 1891 roku]]
The [[Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh]] (JRCPE) is a peer reviewed medical journal published quarterly by the College. It was established in 1971 as ''Chronicle''<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url= |titletytuł=Chronicle : proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. |workpraca=NLM Catalog |publisheropublikowany=[[United States National Library of Medicine]] |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>, renamed in 1988 to ''Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh''<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url= |titletytuł=Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. |workpraca=NLM Catalog |publisheropublikowany=United States National Library of Medicine |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>, and obtained its current title in 2002.<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę|url= |titletytuł=The journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. |workpraca=NLM Catalog |publisheropublikowany=United States National Library of Medicine |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>
== Członkowie==
Following successful completion of the [[Membership of the Royal College of Physicians|MRCP(UK){{lang|uk}}]] or [[MRCPCH]] examinations, doctors are eligible to become Members of the College<ref>{{citecytuj webstronę |url= |titletytuł=Membership |publisheropublikowany=Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh |accessdatedata dostępu=3 December 2016}}</ref>.
== Further reading ==
*{{CiteCytuj bookksiążkę |titletytuł=History of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh |lastnazwisko=Craig |firstimię=W. S. |publisherwydawca=[[Blackwell Scientific Publications]] |yearrok=1976 |isbn= |locationmiejsce=Oxford}}<ref>{{citecytuj journalpismo |url= |titletytuł=Book Reviews: History of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh |journalczasopismo=Medical History |datedata=July 1977 |volumewolumin=21 |issuewydanie=3 |pagestrony=324 |doi=10.1017/s0025727300038369 |pmc=1082016}}</ref>
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