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explanation of the problem
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(explanation of the problem)
I think it is better if everyone knows i am affiliated with a company - but the article written here is a translation done by an professional agency of the german article. The german article features a neutral tone and was published and approved on Wikipedia DE quite some time ago.
I hope i can keep my account, i want to contribute i an unbiased manner.| [[Wikipedysta:Ak.delticom|Ak.delticom]] ([[Dyskusja wikipedysty:Ak.delticom|dyskusja]]) 12:12, 18 sie 2014 (CEST)
Hello Artur Klosek.
The problem lies within the Polish Wikipedia rules. Namely, we have a [[Wikipedia:Nazwa użytkownika|local requirement]] that users' nicks must not contain company names, trademarks, internet sites addresses, etc. This rule dates far prior to the recent Wikimedia Foundations's [[:meta:Terms of use/Paid contributions amendment|regulations]], according to which people paid for contributing must disclose their employers. While these two rules are not blatanlty inconsistent, their co-existence is pretty problematic, as shown by, for example, the case of your nick.
Our community is currently [[Wikipedia:Kawiarenka/Zasady#Meta-ustalenia a nasza praktyka - czy nie trzeba czegoś zmienić?|discussing]] this topic. As a result of this dispute, our local regulations may be updated; this is, however, not certain, since there is a number of quite conservative users here. Still, no one's going to ban you at the moment - at the very least, for the duration of the dispute.
Kind regards, <small style="border:1px solid blue;position:relative;left:1px;">[[User:Marcgal|<span style="color:blue;">Marcgal</span>]]</small><small style="border:1px solid blue;">[[User talk:Marcgal|<span style="color:blue;">respons</span>]]</small> 21:59, 20 sie 2014 (CEST)