Harry Partch

kompozytor amerykański
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Quadrangularus Reversum, Harry Partch

Harry Partch (ur. 24 czerwca 1901 w Oakland, Kalifornia, zm. 3 września 1974 w San Diego, Kalifornia) – kompozytor amerykański, autodydakta, poświęcił się przede wszystkim muzyce, opartej na oryginalnych wizjach scenicznych, a często także na własnych tekstach, komponowanej na instrumenty, które sam budował, realizując wymarzony oryginalny system dźwiękowy.

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Harry Partch: Partch Diamante 2



  • The World of Harry Partch (Columbia Masterworks MS 7207 & MQ 7207, 1969, out of print) "Daphne of the Dunes", "Barstow", and "Castor & Pollux", conducted by Danlee Mitchell under the supervision of the composer.
  • Delusion of the Fury (LP Columbia Masterworks M2 30576, 1971; CD Innova 406, 2001) "Delusion of the Fury", conducted by Danlee Mitchell under the supervision of the composer and "EXTRA: A Glimpse into the World of Harry Partch", composer introduces and comments on the 27 unique instruments built by him.
  • Enclosure II (early speech-music works) (Innova 401)
  • Enclosure V ("On a Greek Theme") (Innova 405)
  • Enclosure VI ("Delusion of the Fury") (Innova 406)[1]
  • The Seventeen Lyrics of Li Po (Tzadik, 1995). ASIN B000003YSU.
  • Revelation In The Courthouse Park (Tomato Records TOM-3004, 2003)


  • Enclosure I (Innova 400, VHS) Four films by Madeline Tourtelot[2]
  • Enclosure IV (Innova 404, VHS) "Delusion", "Music of HP"[3]
  • Enclosure VII (Innova 407, DVD) "Delusion", "Dreamer", Bonus Album, "Revelation"[4]
  • Enclosure VIII (Innova 399, DVD) Four Films by Madeline Tourtelot: "Music Studio," "Windsong," "U.S. Highball," and "Rotate the Body in All Its Planes," with "The Music of Harry Partch" KEBS-TV documentary, "Barstow" and "Castor and Pollux"[5].
  • Musical Outsiders: An American Legacy - Harry Partch, Lou Harrison, and Terry Riley. Directed by Michael Blackwood. (1995)


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